Any way you look at it, diapers stink. You can buy cotton diapers, make your own, rent them, or buy disposables, but you still have to change them. And frequent changing of diapers is the key to a healthy baby’s bottom. Never changed a diaper before? You’ll be a pro after the first five…….and don’t let Dad off the hook here! Changing diapers gives you one more opportunity to interact with your baby, and show your love……what is more intimate than caring for the basic needs of your baby? And it’s not that bad! Wet diapers are a breeze, and breastfed babies’ stools are practically inoffensive to all but the most sensitive noses. But slip that baby his/her first bite of “real food” and get out the clothespin for the nose.

If you are able to purchase, sew or rent cotton diapers, do so. They are better for our planet, and better for your baby. Disposable diapers, although significantly more convenient, almost work too well. Since they wick up so much moisture, it is tempting to leave them on longer. Any wet diaper, cotton or disposable, left on too long will promote skin breakdown, the beginning of diaper rash. Save the use of disposables for long trips away from the house, where the convenience factor is more justifiable.

Cotton diapers may be purchased pre-made, or you can buy diaper material at the fabric stores and sew your own. You can also rent cotton diapers from a diaper service. A diaper service will provide you with a diaper pail and more than enough diapers. They will pick-up, clean and deliver diapers on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. Dealing with a diaper pail and rinsing dirty diapers takes a bit of getting used to, but then again so does dealing with any of the fluids which humans excrete……. quit your whining, you’ll get used to it.

New parents are frequently astounded at the number of diapers a baby can go through in week. If you purchase a diaper service, the first delivery looks like you’ve hit the diaper jackpot. But by the end of the week you may sometimes need more than they have delivered……especially if you throw a clean diaper on any mess you make in the house (a benefit of diaper services…..the ultimate rag!).

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