Drug Abuse

If you use any street drugs, try to stop immediately. If you can’t stop, talk to your health care clinician and get some help. Although the evidence is somewhat unclear, almost all street drugs have been shown to negatively affect your pregnancy and your family’s health. The use of street drugs is usually evidence of depression, poor coping skills, and/or low self esteem………all factors which make pregnancy and raising a family more difficult.

Some street drugs are clearly associated with problems during pregnancy or with a baby’s health. Cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin (known by street names such as coke, crack, crank, crystal, meth, smack) can all cause serious problems for a pregnant woman and her baby. If you use there drugs, please tell your health care provider.

If you use needles to shoot up street drugs, you are at risk for infection with several germs for which there is no cure. The viruses which cause AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C can be transmitted from one person to another by sharing needles and syringes to inject drugs.

Most communities have a special phone number to call if you want help to stop using drugs. This phone number is often in the front pages of the telephone book. You can also call your county health department; they will guide you to someone who can help.