Mother and Baby Health during Pregnancy

When women are pregnant iron requirements considerably increase. Iron is important to have good hemoglobin level, thanks to which oxygen is delivered to the cells in the whole organism. When you are pregnant, you have more blood and, consequently, need to care about the additional blood. Blood test is taken by your practitioner during pregnancy to determine your hemoglobin level. In case the increased demands are not satisfied and you have iron deficiency, it means that you are anemic. Anemia during pregnancy is very dangerous, and can bring to preeclampsia that can develop into eclampsia in case if preeclampsia was left untreated. As the disease can be lethal for mother and her baby it is necessary to do everything possible to avoid it. Healthy diet should be composed to insure that both mother and her baby obtain the required amount of nutrients for right growth and development.

  • Dairy is important for the nutrition of a pregnant woman as it is a source of vitamin D and of calcium. The pregnant woman should consume about 3 servings of such products on a daily basis.
  • Green vegetables with leaves (such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, etc) – one, two servings per day.
  • Food rich in protein (beef, chickem, fish, pork, seafood and etc) – one or two portions every day.
  • Up to 5 servings of whole grain products will provide your pregnancy diet with required minerals and vitamins. Fiber contained in whole grain products will contribute to right digestion.
  • Include fruit into your diet. One serving rich in Vitamin C per day will be enough. Give preference to whole fruits. When you drink just juice you do not get nutrients and fiber you could get from whole orange, grapefruit and etc.
  • 2 eggs eaten daily is an ideal source of protein, minerals, vitamin and healthy cholesterol needed for proper development of child’s brain.
  • Do not forget about healthy fats contained in olive oil, nut oils, avocados. 3 servings per day will bring you good. Trans fats are unhealthy.
  • Yellow and orange vegetables and fruit must be eaten 5 times a week. They are a source of carotene required to produce vitamin A in your body.
  • Baked potato will give iron, which is easily digested.

If you follow these recommendations then you and baby will be healthy. Do not skip the chance of providing it for your little one. This is everything your baby needs now to be happy!