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Fetal Fibronectin

You may start hearing more about a substance (and a test) called fetal fibronectin. Fibronectin is a protein that resides in the cells where the fetal membranes come in contact with the uterus. The fetal membranes are also known as…

Medical Problems During Pregnancy

Many of the problems discussed above do not cause serious health risks for the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. The problems discussed below may be associated with poor outcomes for the mother and/or baby.

Anatomy of Pregnancy

An understanding of the anatomy of the reproductive tract is helpful during pregnancy. Your doctor or midwife will liberally sprinkle medical terms throughout their conversations with you.

The Hormones of Pregnancy

Pregnancy places unique demands upon the human female body. Hormones are the chemicals which the body produces to facilitate the changes needed to accomodate the growing fetus, stimulate labor, and prepare for lactation. The body even produces a new organ…

Pregnancy Glossary

abortion – the loss of a pregnancy by artificial or natural means. The lay public often refers to “abortion” as any artificial means to induce the loss of a pregnancy. Physicians and midwives refer to this type of abortion as…